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Experts in executive recruitment and professional branding.

Founded by Julie Zuick, we are a female-owned boutique firm with a unique approach based at the intersection of marketing, strategy, and executive recruitment expertise.

As a values-driven company, we specialize in partnering with innovative organizations that take pride in their culture.

We exclusively recruit “A” players that drive impact.


Passionate about building strong relationships, our business is driven by word-of-mouth.

tailored approach

As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to customize our approach to your needs.

national presence

We have helped thousands of organizations and leaders across all 50 states.

award-winning Service

Recognized for delivering outstanding results with a values-driven customer service approach.

We provide solutions to drive impact

Your brand is at the heart of our approach. We begin each engagement by thoroughly understanding your goals for the future. After that, we complete a comprehensive review of your strengths, areas for improvement, and cultural competencies that are used to develop a plan of action to achieve your objectives.


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Flexible Work: What does balance mean to you?

Flexible working is not a new concept, but the need for it has been increasing in recent years especially as employers encourage the return to work. We know that it’s important to work and play well with others. What we don’t always see are people who need time off to maintain their sanity. The idea…

Prioritize, organize, and optimize your “chores” to focus on your career.

Are you drowning in chores?  Prioritize, organize, and create time to focus on your career.  I get it, I was drowning in chores too, but found ways to make time while running my business full time, sharing the load with my husband who also works full time, and managing the kids’ schedules. There are three…

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