Courage to Pursue Your Passion

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Courage to Pursue Your Passion

Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  

Earlier in my career, I said to myself – I’m not cool enough to work in fashion.  I certainly wasn’t a fashionista. In fact, my wardrobe was straight out of a Banana Republic catalog (read: basic, solid colors). I was always prepared for an informational interview.  If I moved to New York and landed a job at XYZ Company, then of course I’d move,.  My friends convinced me that it wasn’t up to me to think I was cool enough to work in fashion – it was up to the hiring manager and the organization.  So, I packed three duffel bags, purchased a one way ticket, found an apartment online and moved New York. Ultimately, I landed my dream job working at Ralph Lauren on Madison Avenue.  Behind the scenes, there were numerous of events that led to me to that moment, including seven internships, dozens of networking events and hundreds of phone calls. It was the beginning of my passion for networking, strategy and marketing.

Today, I’m following my passion and writing my first blog post for 360 Executive Branding.  I founded this organization based on my passion for providing solutions to high-performing, dynamic executives who are seeking to elevate their careers whether internally at their own company or working for a different organization.

“You’re starting a business in this market?” some would say.  Yes, I am.  I have always wanted to start this company officially, and it became clear to me in recent months (during the pandemic) that this is what I’m meant to do.  My skill set and background in strategy, marketing and executive retained search mean that I have reviewed 10K+ resumes, interviewed thousands of applicants each year and helped others stand out from the crowd.

Each person is experiencing this worldwide pandemic differently.  While I’m starting this business, my kids are enjoying some extra screen time and learning at home and my husband is on the front line as a healthcare worker.  Some have called this the “Great Pause,” a time that allows us to step back and reflect on what we genuinely want in our lives and careers.  I believe that now, more than ever, the time is right to follow your dreams.  However, with the unemployment rate skyrocketing, it’s important to stand out from the crowd to skip the line in landing your dream job.  The simple truth is that there are fewer positions to go around.  However, the fact is that you can have one of them.  After all, someone will land that position.  It might as well be you.