When is the “right” time to get started?

When is the “right” time to get started?

The business climate is facing unprecedented times.  COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges over the last six months and guidance seems to be changing on a daily-basis.  Leaders are cancelling well-planned vacations, evaluating schooling options for their kids (whether in preschool or high school), and struggling to maintain headcount within their organizations.  On the other hand, it’s given leaders a chance to think about what they want in their lives and careers.  Life is too short to do something that makes you unhappy.  After all, if you know what you want to do in the future, you want the future to start right now.

If you are planning to shift your career in a different direction, elevate your career within your own organization, or you’re in a time of transition, this could be the right time.  However, it will still take a commitment.  Working with an executive branding coach will help you in the following ways

  1. Maintain Focus. When do you set aside time to take actionable steps to achieve your hopes and dreams?  Probably not very often… Throughout the process, the focus is on you and your career. It might take you months or even years to set aside this time, but doing so right now will bring your future closer to the present.
  2. Save Time. It will also teach you new ways to approach problems so that you don’t have to “recreate the wheel” and can leverage proven systems that work.  Though we all wish there were more than 24-hours in a day, your time in engaging with an executive branding coach will be well spent and actionable.
  3. Leverage Expertise. Working with a consultant who has experience in your field will help you think more creatively to better communicate your experience in an on-brand way to achieve results.
  4. Outside POV. Getting an outside point of view is often helpful for those that are stuck in their career and are trying to figure out why they’re not getting to the next level.  Is it something I said?  Is it something I did?  Is it the corporate culture?  What’s holding me back and how could I be more professional, polished and well-received?

“But what about the economy?”  It’s true – High-level positions are fewer and further between than they have been in the past.  There is a high rate of unemployment and we read about furloughs in newspapers daily.  Each position has two to four times the number of applicants right now.  But those aren’t necessarily the jobs you want… You’re more proactive than that and we can help you get there.

Today is the perfect day to begin.  You want to position yourself to stand out from the crowd and network in a pro-active authentic way to get the job before others have the chance to learn about it.  Someone is going to get the job… it might as well be you.