17 time saving must-haves for pandemic times

Mindshare Monday

17 time saving must-haves for pandemic times

This is our second edition of Mindshare Mondays.  Mindshare Mondays offer ways to streamline the rest of your day, so you can make time to focus on your career.

These are a few of our favorite things… that will help you save time in your daily life:

For Your Home & Home Office

  • Timers: For more than just the weather and music, Amazon Dots are in every room throughout the house. My favorite feature is the timer which allows me to spend a set amount of time on each task with reminders for what needs to happen next.  Check out this Amazon Dot that even has a clock!
  • Video Conferencing Tools: Elevate your professional appearance through lighting. Choose a ring light with natural lighting options that can be placed in front of you and brighten your face.  In addition, if your laptop or cell phone camera isn’t cutting it, check out these 4K webcams.   Remember, Zoom has a “touch up my appearance” feature to smooth out your skin. In addition, these men’s flip flops won’t help you “ace” the interview, but they are certainly comfortable when on a zoom conference call.
  • Home Printer: It’s amazing to me how many people don’t have printers at home. This is needed to take care of everyday paperwork, sign documents, or even print out your resume.  One hack for signing documents is to take a picture of your signature and copy and paste it into the document needed. I keep mine on file as a jpeg.
  • Cell phone chargers in every room: I have a personal cell, work cell and landline.  For me, it comes in handy to keep cell phone chargers in each room… especially those that feature the 360 Executive Branding
  • White Boards: Having a place to write tasks is extremely helpful. My best friend purchased the Think Board for me for my birthday.  Last spring, I finally found the perfect spot for it – in my mudroom.  Now, I can view each of my tasks any time I go in or out of the house and enter the garage.
  • Standing Desk: Sitting all day isn’t good for your health, so consider getting a standing desk to help you get up and moving. Standing desks are adjustable, so you can still sit down when you get tired or have an important phone call.

Fitness Tools

  • Apple Watch: During this time, you may be wearing your pajamas and only throwing on a blazer for the occasional zoom. However, those Covid-19+ pounds are adding up.  Today, I tracked over 10,000 steps wearing my Apple Watch as I walked through our local park.
  • Peloton: While I was an early adopter of the Peloton, it’s become even more popular in recent months. It’s a time saving hack because you no longer have to drive back and forth to the gym.  Some people also like to work while riding… using the spin tray.
  • Water Bottles: Stay hydrated while keeping up the good exercise routine and drinking plenty of water will help you avoid the “Covid-19+” weight gain as they call it. These Contigo water bottles are so easy to use and spill proof.  In fact, we have an entire drawer in our kitchen with a bin for bottles and another for lids.

For the Family

  • Circle App: You can find it in the app store, but the circle app controls all of the internet usage for every device in our house. Want to offer your kids a carrot or a stick?  Offer a reward or pause it.  Plus, you can add in filters and set time limits.  For example, we use the Circle App to limit our kids to one hour of YouTube per day.
  • Masks & Hand Sanitizer: Check out these professional-looking cloth face masks! Plus, get some hand sanitizer that smells good and can be carried on the go.
  • Library Card: Through our local county library, I enjoy listening to audio books through the Libby App.  It’s free and I can listen to the latest books.  Recently, I read Billion Dollar Whale which was riveting!  We also tie it to the Amazon Dot and play it in the kids’ rooms.
  • Nanny: Ensuring your kids are safe, learning, and growing is key to helping you feel more confident in focusing on your career. Last week, we introduced Mindshare Mondays with a post about how to ask the right questions when hiring a nanny.
  • Healthy Noodles: These are a great staple to have in the fridge for when I don’t have time to cook lunch or dinner… the entire packet of healthy noodles only has 50 calories. They’re sugar free and keto approved.
  • Decorations: Always have supplies on hand for last minute car parades – whether it’s poster board, balloons, streamers or even car chalk.
  • Toothbrush and Waterpik in One: On my bathroom counter, I have my electric toothbrush, my waterpik and my dental floss. This new product combines the waterpik and toothbrush into one item.  Check it out.

We hope these items help you save time and bring more sanity to your life during this busy time!  Once you create systems in your life to save time, contact us at 360 Executive Branding to help elevate your career.