10 Productivity Hacks for Car Trips

10 Productivity Hacks for Car Trips

Are you heading back from a road trip and want to make the most of your time?  This Mindshare Monday explores my top 10 favorite activities to complete on a road trip.  Of course, many of these activities work well if you’re the passenger (not the driver).  Some of these will be helpful for elevating your career!

Check Items off Your “To Do List”

  • Shop for gifts for upcoming holidays. My son’s birthday is approaching later this month, so I’m preparing to use the time for researching gifts and activities.  He wants a Pokémon scavenger hunt in the backyard.  We are not having an actual party this year, due to Covid-19.
  • Work on your laptop. I purchased a car laptop charger last year and have found it extremely helpful.  I connect my laptop to the internet via my hots-pot on my cell phone and can plug it in and work the entire time.  Pro tip: Just don’t leave it plugged in or turn it off when you exit the car as you don’t want it to drain the battery.
  • Update your phone/computer. My laptop and cell phone always seem to have updates.  The car trips are a good time to update these things.
  • Fill out paperwork and pay bills. This is a good time to go through the mail that’s been piling up around the house.  If you’re connected to the internet, you can even play them online.

Maintain Your Network

  • Return phone calls. Before I leave, I make a list, using a sticky note, of the phone calls I need to return.  I then put the sticky note on my phone so I have it right there with me in the front seat.
  • Update Social Media. Again, if connected to the internet, this is one way to help stay engaged with your network.
  • Write letters. Did you receive any gifts lately?  If so, now is the perfect time to catch up on thank you notes.

Have Fun

  • Review magazines. I usually save magazines for travelling (whether by car or plane).  If travelling in a shared space, like a plane, remember to remove your address (for privacy reasons) if you want to leave them behind.
  • Listen to audiobooks. You can use audible or even the free version through your local library.
  • Take a nap. Do NOT do this if you’re driving.  I love to sleep… and if my kids are entertained and my husband is listening to an audiobook, this the prime time to do so.


Have a great week and stay safe!  I hope these tips will help you maximize your drive time this week and sneak in time to focus on your career.