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360 Executive Search & Branding is a boutique consulting firm that partners with dynamic, high-achieving professional leaders.  Our unique executive branding process combines strategy, marketing and hiring expertise to elevate your career. 

Our Solutions for Leaders

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Our Values

People First
Continuous Improvement

Partner with us to elevate your career.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Frequently asked questions

Before engaging in a package, we will hold a complimentary consultation conversation to make sure that a package is right for you and that we are a fit to work together.

After the consultation call, you will receive tailored package options that include the session road maps and timelines based upon your specific needs.  After the engagement letter is signed, we’ll schedule our ongoing sessions.  Upon receiving payment, we will kick off the 360 Executive Branding Journey, helping you skip the line and giving you a tremendous advantage to elevate your career.

Each package includes the following phases:


We work with dynamic, high-achieving leaders across industries seeking to elevate their careers within the United States. While we have some experience internationally, our sweet spot is really within the US.  Our founder has lived around the world and worked with leaders in all 50 states.

Functional Expertise: finance, operations, marketing, sales, supply chain, human resources, general management and healthcare.

Industry Expertise: consumer, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, government, non-profit, financial services, private equity, and business/professional services.

Note: If your industry/function is not listed, please reach out and we can find out whether it would make sense to work together.

We take on a select number of rising stars who have not yet reached the c-suite. Please reach out to see if we would be the right fit to work together to elevate your career.

360 Executive Branding offers the following packages:

    • 90 Degrees
    • 180 Degrees
    • 270 Degrees
    • 360 Degrees

Visit our Expertise page to learn more about our packages.

While packages are a good way to effectively elevate your career through our proven process, we understand that some may need one-on-one sessions, which we call One Degree at a time. There are a variety of options to choose from for these individual sessions.  Check out the Expertise page to learn more about these solutions.

Working with 360 Executive Branding is an investment in you. It’s about elevating your professional career.  We are uniquely suited to work with those that are truly seeking to brand their career based on the combination of executive recruitment and marketing experience.  We are known for offering practical, actionable steps to elevate your career.

We are not a one-stop-shop. We will not help you find your inner chakra.  We are skilled in marketing and executive recruitment.  We have been on the employer side, firm side and candidate side.  We know what it takes to elevate your career.

We accept payment by check, through Pay Pal or via credit card.